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Modern International is a manufacturer and distributor of Chain, Cable and related Fittings. We can supply all sizes and styles of chain, welded and unwelded, in all materials and finishes, in standard lengths, cut to size, or in custom assemblies.

Stainless Steel Chain - Welded and Unwelded
Modern International specializes in stainless steel chain, welded and unwelded. We maintain stock of WELDED STAINLESS STEEL CHAIN in proof coil, High Test, BBB, Machine and Coil patterns, in all alloys, as well as UNWELDED STAINLESS STEEL CHAIN in single jack, double loop, sash and safety chain patterns

Steel, Brass & Aluminum Chain
Modern International can also supply SOLID BRASS WELDED AND UNWELDED CHAINS, WELDED ALUMINUM CHAIN, a complete line of WELDED AND UNWELDED STEEL CHAIN in all patterns, styles, sizes and finishes, as well as PLASTIC CHAIN.

Cable & Fittings
In addition, we are distributors of Cable and Cable Fittings in Stainless Steel and Steel. We can also supply a complete line of Chain Fittings, including Shackles, S-Hooks, Eye Bolts, Turnbuckles, Connecting Links and more.

Wire Forms
Modern International can supply wire forms, both welded and unwelded, in all materials and sizes, to your specifications.

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